Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quotes the Matter- Laws of Shechita

“If you have become wise, you have become wise for your own sake” (Mishlai 9:22)

The parsha continues with Moshe telling Bnai Israel how they must slaughter a kosher animal—by cutting most of its windpipe and throat.
 Then the shochet- person who slaughters animal- recites the blessing, “Blessed are You Hashem, Who sanctified us with His mitzvot and commanded us concerning the shechita.” Then he slaughters the animal.

Many people ponder the essence of the laws of shechita. Does killing the animal this way really minimize the pain the animal feels? Why is it so important which spot of the neck we kill the animal? Essentially, this gets us pondering the essence of the nuances of the laws. However we must have ingrained within our minds that all the mitzvot were created in order for us to become purified and elevated (regardless of knowing the true essence of the mitzvot ); essentially, we are observing them for our own sake.

Moreover, like all mitzvot, Hashem wants to test us and see if we will observe His mitzvot despite the difficulties involved, and when we fulfill His will, we will be rewarded.

This should shed light into our own lives. As we may ponder the essence of many mitzvot we can’t seem to understand, we must keep in mind that we are in fact observing the mitzvot for our own sake. Through observing Hashem’s will, we are passing the tests He throws our way, and we are developing spiritually. This alone should encourage all of us to stay strong and follow His commandments even in times of incomprehension.

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