Monday, April 9, 2012

Continuously Kindling the Fire of Marriage

               The laws of niddah- laws that separate man and woman when a woman is deemed ritually unclean- for reasons after giving birth, or during her menstrual cycle and a few days after. The idea behind her being ‘ritually unclean’ convey that she has either just had a child, and is not able to conceive another child in the days following. Additionally, she is deemed impure during her menstrual cycle because the essence of menstruation is to be a vessel for developing a new life; however, when the woman is unsuccessful in conceiving, that fetus did not live out it’s purpose, and essentially, it died; so to, the woman experiences a death within her, and undergoes a mourning period, deeming her impure, until her body can again reconstruct a new fetus to conceive a child when she is ovulating.
            Additionally, this time of the month when a woman is niddah, gives her and her husband the opportunity to connect emotionally, rather than just physically. This time to develop the relationship under a different sphere prevents the relationship from becoming stale and habitual. This Torah law allows the passion and fire of the relationship to burn ever so fierily that the husband always looks at his wife with the same passion as he did when they entered the chuppah.

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