Monday, April 9, 2012

We store all the wisdom of the Torah within

When we are in our mother’s womb, we are taught the entire Torah by a specific angel that is destined to us. This angel shows us Gan Eden-‘Heaven’ and Gehinnom- ‘Hell.’ The angel tells us to become a tzadik-righteous person- and not a rasha-wicked person. With all the knowledge of the Torah, our neshama’s-souls- know with complete certainty that we will indeed be righteous men; however, right before we are birthed, the angel strikes us above the lip, causing us to forget all the Torah we spent nine glorious months learning. How upsetting, all that time learning gone to waste! However, the beauty behind this idea is that the information did not perish; it is merely forgotten, lost in the subconscious mind. Moreover, it is up to us to relearn all the material in the Torah, in order for us to reawaken our subconscious minds to all the splendor of Torah we have embedded deeply with in us.

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