Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Q. Why was Bnai Israel given the Ten Commandments first, rather than just giving them the entire written Torah-scroll?

A. Only until a young child begins mastering the Aleph-Beit on the blackboard, can he master written books. Hashem wanted the Jews to become acquainted with the Ten Commandments first- with all the basic Torah concepts- only then would they be ready to learn and master the rest of the Torah.

Q. Why were the luchot- tablets- engraved in sapphire stone?

A. Hashem wanted to portray that if Bnai Israel would transgress the commandments, they would get karaates-stoning.

Q.Why were the 10 commandments engraved onto two separate tablets rather than one?

A.     1. The two tablets symbolize heaven and earth- both were created for the sake of studying Torah and fulfilling Hashem’s commandments.

2. The two tablets symbolize the chatan- groom- and challah-bride. The first tablet deals with the commandments between Hashem and man. Hashem is compared to be Bnai Israel’s chatan-groom. Additionally, the second tablet represents the commandments between man’s relationship with his fellow man- representing the kallah-bride.

3. The two tablets also symbolize the two shusvinim-ushers. Both Moshe and Aaron introduced Bnai Israel to Torah. Moshe dealt exclusively with the commandments between man and G-d, whereas Aaron, who was a loving peacemaker, dealt with the commandments between man and man.

4. They two tablets are symbolized olam haze - this world, and olam haba- the world to come. By following the commandments on both luchot- tablets- Hashem rewards people in both worlds.

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