Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This week’s parsha, Kitasa, is a hefty parsha indeed. This parsha goes back to describe the sin of the golden calf. While Moshe was in Heaven receiving the Torah from Hashem, Hashem tells Moshe about the future construction of the Mishkan. Moshe thought that because Hashem was giving him the blueprints of the Mishkan, he was the person Hashem wanted to build it; however, he was mistaken. Hashem said, “Although I displayed to you the diagram of the Mishkan and the structure of all its components, you are not the artisan who will construct it. Your task is to be a leader and not a craftsman.” Moshe was in shock and thought, who will be the builder? Hashem said that Betzalel, the grandson of Chur (who had been killed for a kiddish Hashem when he went against creating the golden calf), was given the privilege to build the Mishkan. Betzalel was Miriam’s (Moshe’s sister) great- grandson and Miriam was being rewarded with this merit- of having her descendent build the Mishkan- for the fear she displayed for Hashem- during the incident in Egypt when she went against Pharaoh’s order to murder Jewish newborns in Egypt.
            Moreover, Betzalel was thirteen years old when Hashem gave him this task. Moshe had wondered how someone so young could be given the task to erect the Mishkan; however, Hashem had immediately showed him the book that recorded the names of all the Jewish kings, leaders, etc. since Creation. Betzalel was so inspired that Hashem believed in him enough to make him the ‘architect’ of the Mishkan. From this we can see how Hashem has a predestined plan for each of us.
Just as Betzalel was inspired by Hashem believing in him to be capable of succeeding in such a mission, so to, we should pride the inspiration Hashem has in us, when He gives us trials and tribulations. From all the challenges that arise we can see that Hashem believes that we can indeed succeed and triumph gloriously. From the beginning of time, Hashem has destined for us all to be great-accomplished people. Hashem decrees people with certain tasks and challenges in his lifetime because He knows with certainty that each person is capable of achieving them. Just as Hashem knows that have the potential to accomplish our predetermined mission in life, we should also believe in ourselves and know that we can reach far beyond the limitations we place on ourselves.

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