Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The Meforshim teach us:
 “A lesser person who serves Hashem with all his capabilities ranks equal with a more gifted one, for Hashem judges a man according to the intentions of his heart.”

When Hashem appointed Betzalel to build the Mishkan, He also commanded that Ahaliav, from the Tribe of Dan be appointed as Betzalel’s assistant. Betzalel was from the Tribe of Yehuda, the most exalted tribe, whereas Ahaliav was from the Tribe of Dan, the lowliest of the Tribes. Hashem joined them together in order teach the other Jews that no matter what tribe he is from, Hashem views all the tribes as equal. From this, we should never regard people who are less capable than us as worse off, or people more capable as better off than we because ‘Hashem judges a man according to the intentions of his heart;’ therefore, we should hold everyone with equal respect and allow Hashem the final judgment.
Moreover, this should give us all the initiative to recognize that even though we may not be as talented or brilliant as the next guy, Hashem sees the efforts in our hearts, and that makes all the difference. Hashem has generous given us all certain abilities in order to reach our potentials in this world. Rather than being discouraged from the lack of talents or abilities you have, you should focus on developing the talents and abilities you do have.

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