Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The continuous gift of Torah--

In this week’s parsha, Hashem calls out and praises His Torah. He tells us,

“Torah is an unsurpassed commodity. It possesses qualities which cannot be claimed by any other type of merchandise.”

In life, things we strive to accomplish may never physically manifest. For example, working towards a degree, starting a business, making investments, etc., are all areas in which we may not succeed in, no matter the effort we put in. However, a person who studies Torah will always succeed. Every step a person takes in learning Torah is an accomplishment in itself. Every word that is learned elevates a person towards an infinite journey.
            With this in mind, we should all note that no matter how overwhelming the vastness of the Torah may seem, we should never get discouraged. Since there is no final goal in Torah learning, every step we take in learning makes us that much greater and accomplished. Hashem has privileged us to be a part of this everlasting journey and we should strive to take advantage of every free minute to elevate ourselves to levels we never thought possible.

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