Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Mishkan and it’s Symbolisms in a nutshell:

The Midrash says, the Mishkan was created on earth as a “reflection of Hashem’s Heavenly Mishkan Above. Every detail of its plan contributed to its similarity to Hashem’s dwelling place in Heaven.” The Mishkan was a microcosm of the entire universe. Its creation was considered as significant as the Creation of the universe.

Parallels between the construction of the Mishkan and the Creation of the universe:
1.     The upper and lower curtains are similar to heaven and earth
2.     The water of the kiyor are compatible with the water on the earth
3.     The mizbach haola- alter where animals were sacrificed- symbolize animals of the world
4.     The menorah-candelabra- represents the sun and the moon
5.     The seven lamps of the menorah relate to the constellations of the seven stars which portray the course of all natural events in the universe

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