Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Mishkan and the Human Body

The Mishkan personifies the human body and its functions, which all correspond to the human organs in order to “arouse an awareness that every Jew who sanctifies himself in Torah becomes a Mishkan- dwelling place- for the shechina.”

1.     The aron- ark where the Torah scrolls are kept- correspond to the heart. Just as the heart is vital for human survival, the aron had the luchot- the commandments- in the aron, which are vital to Jewish survival and the heart of the Mishkan.
2.     The k’ruvin-angel like statues- had their wings spread over the aron, which corresponds to the lungs spread over the heart.
3.     The shulchan-table- corresponds to the stomach, which nourishes the body
4.     The kitores has its parallel in smell.
5.     The kiyor-laver- symbolizes the liquid in the human body.
6.     The curtains of goats skin relates to human skin.
7.     The beams, which support the Mishkan are similar to the ribs.

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