Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Light Insight with the Jewish Alphabet

Rosh Chodesh Adar!
Get excited because today we start the new month of Adar. Every month of the Jewish calendar has a different energy that resonates within it. This month, Adar, has a nature connected to laughter and happiness. Moreover, every Jewish month corresponds with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Adar corresponds to the Hebrew letter Koof. Chazal teach us that the letter Koof symbolizes kedusha, which means separation. To attain kedusha, one must learn to set him self apart from the ‘material world of his physical desires,’ essentially, rule over his body. Hashem is on the highest level of kedusha because He is completely set a part from the physical world and in absolute control of the entire Creation of the universe at every single moment in time.
Furthermore, each letter of the Hebrew alphabet also has a Kabbalistic meaning and influence behind it. Koof, which is made up of two other Hebrew letters, Rash and Zeon, together spells out the word Raz. In Hebrew, Raz means secret. To comprehend the secret and most hidden aspect of ourselves, our neshama, we must be in control of our lives and physicality to the highest degree possible. Once we attain this control, tranquility and happiness will resonate deeply within our neshamas.
From all this we can deduce the symbolism behind the month of Adar. The goal of this month is to attain the kedusha within ourselves, to set ourselves a part from the rest of the world and have control over ourselves. Only then can we rejoice in the true inner peace and tranquility within to enjoy the happiness this month has to offer.

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