Wednesday, February 22, 2012


When was the last time you went to temple?
In this week’s parsha, Teruma, Bnai Israel is given the details on how to construct the Mishkan- the desert Tabernacle (a.k.a temple in the desert).  Mishkan, or sanctuary is the “dwelling place” where Hashem and the Jewish people unite. Hashem relays to Bnai Israel that the Mishkan is the place “Where I shall meet with you, [and] where I will speak to you.” In other words, this is referring to Hashem transmitting the Torah in this “dwelling” where the Jewish people can learn Torah in order to create a closer relationship with Him.
            The Torah provides us with endless opportunities to elevate ourselves. By separating ourselves from the secular world and coming to the ‘dwelling place of Hashem,’ we can feel the joy of being in Hashem’s presence and focus on transcending towards Hashem spiritually. Moreover, the insights from this week’s parsha should give us to incentive to get ourselves to shul to strengthen our relationship with Hashem and the Jewish community.

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