Wednesday, February 22, 2012


What is a Shulchan-Table?
In this week’s parsha, one of the many items Hashem commands the Jewish people to build for the Mishkan is a shulchan-table.  The shulchan represents a blessing of nourishment that should flow to the entire world; therefore, Hashem commands that the table should never be empty because His blessings can only rests on“substantial matter.” This week’s parsha gives us the source of why we leave a bit of bread on the table after we eat our Shabbot meal. When we say birkat hamozon- Grace after meals- our table should never be empty because Hashem’s blessings cannot rest on an empty table. Moreover, next time we recite Grace after meals, we should have in mind the blessings Hashem brings down to our table, so that we continue to be nourished and satisfied with out lot each and every week.

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    Mayim Aharonim Hovah, washing the fingers before the conclusion of the meal in order to recite "Birkat Ha’mazon..."
    [note: specifically until the knuckles (14 joints), according to the kabbala, see; Ben ish Hai 1st year, Parashat Shelah Lekha]
    is "Hovah" [mandatory] - for women as well. Three reasons are said for this...
    1) because of [blinding] sodomite salt. 2) filth upon the fingers.
    3) removal of the evil spirit and extremities from upon us and to give over a portion to the 'other' side
    so they will have no accusations upon us. And it's best to wash in the sink for several reasons...
    As for those who wrote that "there is no sodomite salt nowadays," the poskim wrote that one should nevertheless
    be "wary" to it [see Rambam Berakhot 6:3 who wrote: "lest it contain Sodomite salt or salt that resembles Sodomite salt,
    and [after eating,] one [inadvertently] pass one's hands over one's eyes and blind them"].
    And all three reasons pertain to us today, and heaven forbid should one belittle such a central issue as this.
    And through this, may you prevent yourselves from many troubles, ailments, persecutions, accusations and various decrees,
    but rather have them all in their aid towards Am Yisrael. -HaRav Ben Tzion Mutzafi shlita